The Internet market

Every day hundreds of thousands of people search the Internet for advice and software to help them improve their writing skills. Many are academics, writers and business professionals who will spend money if the product does the job. Editor Software offers a 14-day trial copy of StyleWriter for people to download.

At this point you're probably wondering about the market for StyleWriter. Here are some example search terms (statistics from Google’s Keyword Tool), showing how many people searched for these writing-related terms in one month:

Search Terms:

business letter: 673,000

cover letter: 2,740,000

English grammar: 823,000

essay writing: 246,000

how to write: 4,090,000

plain English: 49,500

technical writing: 135,000

write a business plan: 49,500

write a resume: 246,000

writing software: 135,000

writing courses: 60,500


Each time one of these people buys a copy of StyleWriter through your website we’ll pay you a commission.

Marketing our products on the Internet

It doesn't matter whether you are new to the web or an experienced traffic webmaster, Editor Software will support you in any way possible. Inside the affiliate webmaster resources area you’ll find useful links and advice on web design, internet marketing strategy, search engine optimization, link list traffic generation, niche marketing and traffic analysis.

Editor Software has a constantly growing library of well-targeted banner advertising and advertising copy to help you sell our products.

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Great marketing tools for webmasters

Editor Software has a constantly growing library of advertising tools to help you sell our products. Here's a small selection of what we offer:

  • attention-grabbing banners
  • full-page advertising
  • email marketing targeted content
  • video demonstrations






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Video Demonstrations

Introducing StyleWriter

The world's largest style and usage checker makes you a professional copy-editor. VIEW DEMO watch tutorial

StyleWriter Smart-Spell

StyleWriter's revolutionary Smart-Spell™ technology finds errors missed by conventional spellcheckers. VIEW DEMO watch tutorial

StyleWriter Jargon Buster

Comprehensively checks any document for jargon. Banish corporate speak from writing.
VIEW DEMO watch tutorial

Editing Sentences

Analyze wordy, complex and long sentences to improve clarity and style.
VIEW DEMO watch tutorial

Advanced Statistics

Revolutionary readability and style indexes accurately assess your writing.
VIEW DEMO watch tutorial

StyleWriter's Audience & Task

Advice and readability for different audiences and tasks. VIEW DEMO watch tutorial

StyleWriter's Graphs

Essential editing information displayed. See your writing style at a glance.
VIEW DEMO watch tutorial

StyleWriter's Writing Samples

Examples of StyleWriter editing different documents. VIEW DEMO watch tutorial

StyleWriter's Editing Speed

The quickest style checker available. Check 10,000 words in 12 seconds.
VIEW DEMO watch tutorial

Customizing StyleWriter

Add your own proofreading and style issues to the most versatile copy-editing software.
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Writing Course Introduction

Teaches you how to write and edit like a professional editor. VIEW DEMO watch tutorial

House Style Introduction

Using StyleWriter to check your organization's house style preferences.
VIEW DEMO watch tutorial


"WhiteSmoke is woth than useless - it's a distraction, a waste of time. I've tested StyleWriter on documents and it's 1000 percent better than WhiteSmoke"
- Publisher and Author

"After I bought StyleWriter and used it for months, I was offered another leading program. I tried it, and within twenty minutes I asked for my money back...Nothing compares to StyleWriter."
- StyleWriter User

"I sent my first book to Random House. They told me it was the first draft they had ever received that didn't need editing. I'm afraid I didn't tell them I'd used StyleWriter."
- Author of text books

"StyleWriter transforms writing into clear, concise and readable style. It is so much more useful than a grammar checker and Version 4 offers even more writing, proofreading and editing expertise."
- Federal Government Adviser

"I use StyleWriter most days when updating documents, including procedures with wide-ranging audiences. It's also great for the e-mails I send staff about changes to these documents. The readers notice the difference. Simpler, clearer and straight to the point are comments I get."
- Document Controller

"I am delighted with your StyleWriter program. I am doing a doctoral program in Social Ethics. This program is most useful to me for writing the dissertation project. Now I can do the editorial work at my own pace with the writing. This program works like a teaching aid that helps me write better."
- Reverend Alexander M. Isaac